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How to maintain and use laser sorting machine

How to maintain and use laser sorting machine


With the development of the economy and the large market demand, the manual selection method has been unable to meet the needs of large-scale production, with low efficiency and high labor costs. The era of manual selection is facing the end. In line with the development of the times, color sorting machines have emerged along the way, and the era of machine intelligent color sorting has greatly improved efficiency and increased output-to-input ratio.

However, the high utilization rate of the machine will cause a series of maintenance, repair, use and maintenance problems. As a professional supplier of basmati color sorter, laser sorting machine manufacturer. Today I will focus on how to maintain and use the machine.

1. Maintenance makes the machine work better.
Just as you brush your teeth every morning and night to maintain their proper gloss, should you manage the color sorter you have invested in?

No one wants to buy something and let it rot like a coffin, and it can never be reused.

In order to keep the color sorter flickering, the owner, or more precisely, the person who uses it for sorting, should maintain it so that it can be used for a longer time.

The main reason for maintenance is to keep it in use, as long as the money you invest in it will still hurt your left ear and make it worthwhile.

2. The storage, use and maintenance of the color sorter and its auxiliary facilities
Make sure you use an air gun to clean the aisles and sorting boxes and test the ejector. Be careful when using an air gun to clean the sorting box. Keep it away from the direction of the nozzle and check the signal indication with maximum acuity. This includes work instructions, alarm indications, and ejector action cases. Every time you use the color sorter, you must check the normality of the air compressor, air pressure, oil temperature, and sound. Make sure you also discard the water from the compressor at least three times.

When you are done with the day's affairs and it is time to turn off the color sorter, turn off the power button, turn off the air compressor switch, and then drain the water in the air compressor.

Use an air gun to clean the ejector, channel and sediment in the sorting box. Once again, you should use an air gun to clean the inside of the machine, vibrator, hopper and dust scraper. Your weekly routine should include the following; check filters and wipers The cleanliness of the brush ensures that the compressor oil is changed every six months. Store the machine in an air-conditioned room to cool the color sorter. The beauty of things depends on how often or effort you clean it.

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