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The application and advantages of belt color sorter

The application and advantages of belt color sorter


The color sorters on the market are divided into: belt type color sorters and chute type color sorters according to the structure. Both of them adopt the principle of photoelectricity, and use the color difference of materials to sort materials. Here we focus on three small advantages of the lower crawler.

The belt type color sorter has a high selection rate and is clean

The belt type color sorter uses the characteristics of belt transmission, which is smooth and stable, which not only reduces the collision of materials, but also protects materials and reduces damage. And no bullets. It is easy to identify the color, the carry-out ratio is small, and the net selection rate is high. It is especially suitable for materials such as tea leaves that are difficult to choose and easily damaged.

The belt type color sorter greatly reduces the damage rate of the selected materials

The chute color sorter uses gravity to slide the material along the chute to the sorting area. During the sliding process of the material, it is inevitable that collision and friction will occur, such an impact. The crawler type uses the crawler to send the material from one port (into the hopper) to the outlet of the other end, and the process is relatively stable. This can greatly reduce the breakage rate of the material.

Belt type color sorter has a wide range of applications

The color channel of the chute color sorter is designed according to the size and shape of the product. In this way, some materials with large differences in volume cannot be tried at the same time. clean, which affects the shipping price. In contrast, the belt type color sorter adopts an algorithm that combines color and space, and provides the function of "color selection + shape selection" for different materials, with multiple modes freely set and multiple charge materials freely selected, which is more "elastic". ”, there is no need to consider the above issues at all.

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